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Articles - 2012

Interactive Scotland 2012 round-up

13 Dec 2012

Last night's round-up of all things digital in 2012 from Interactive Scotland was very interesting.   Gregor Smith from comScore kicked things off with a presentation packed full of stats and trends.  The tablet revolution has… Read More

Do you need responsive design?

23 Nov 2012

The web world seems to be crazy for something called 'responsive design'. The Boston Globe website (pictured right) was one of the first sites that went 'responsive' and it's held up as a shining light.  Try it… Read More

Is RSS dead or returned to life?

02 Oct 2012

A couple of years ago, aeons in web life I suppose, RSS was the hot new thing.  A fantastic way to aggregate news content and read it from one place.  So where is it now?… Read More

Symbols in marketing emails - good or bad?

19 Jul 2012

In our June Newsletter we featured an item about the technique of putting symbols in the the subject line of marketing emails to gain attention and therefore increase the 'open' statistics. The idea was that the… Read More

Replacing Flash animation with HTML5 video

03 Jul 2012

HTML5 and CSS3 is a watershed in web functionality and presentation.  It's a quantum leap from XHTML and CSS2 in terms of what developers can now do on a web page, assuming a recent version… Read More

Google indexing hidden pages

13 Jun 2012

Not that long ago, it used to take a bit of work and time to get indexed by Google.  Not anymore, it seems. Like many web development companies, we use a development server to build our… Read More

Careful with those mime types, Citrix!

18 May 2012

Now here's a little story that may interest web developers out there.  It's to do with that old favourite - MIME types. MIME types originally were used to define the format of email messages and attachments,… Read More

Web fonts fun

19 Apr 2012

We've written before about the emerging abilities to have an increased number of fonts available for websites instead of the staple 9 'web safe' fonts. Our article back in May 2010 introduced the @font-face declaration from… Read More

Blot CFPwinMan integration gives companies single point of control

31 Mar 2012

We've just completed development of the Blot property CFPwinMan integration module, which allows CFPwinMan property management customers to automatically upload available properties from their CFPwinMan system to their company website.  It's just been installed at one of… Read More

Cookie Law deadline approaches

31 Mar 2012

It's almost a year since the EU Cookie Law was introduced.  It requires website owners to get an 'opt-in' approval from their visitors if the website uses 'cookies'. The regulators (Information Commissioners Office in the UK) have… Read More

Does Google forget my site if it is down?

23 Mar 2012

This month we had a new client whose website, for various business reasons, had been allowed to lapse.  It wasn't hosted and hadn't been for around 3 months, so wasn't viewable on the Internet and… Read More

Moneybookers - a little courtesy, please

19 Mar 2012

We've got a few customers who use Moneybookers/Skrill - an ecommerce payment system similar to PayPal which can provide eWallet and merchant account services for taking payments online. In our experience it's a good system that… Read More

Is web hosting harming business?

10 Mar 2012

We've just changed a client's web hosting to a new hosting platform.   The client contacted us and explained that they had hosting with a very well known UK hosting provider but the response times they… Read More

dlvr.it - feeding your social media

17 Feb 2012

At the recent Edinburgh meeting of New Media Breakfast (come along, it's good), Gordon White of Fat Buzz mentioned a great little tool called dlvr.it. It's a major timesaving facility that automatically logs updates to your… Read More

These ads keep following me!

30 Jan 2012

Recently we've had more than a few colleagues and clients comment on the same adverts popping up on the various sites they visit.  It's as if these ads are 'following them around'. The visited sites didn't… Read More

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