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Articles - 2008

asp function gotcha

08 Nov 2008

Here's a little problem we came across when maintaining a asp site written by another web development company. The original developer had written an asp function with a single parameter, and the function declaration was… Read More

Edinburgh Landlords Day

22 Oct 2008

Blot will be exhibiting at the 2008 Edinburgh Landlord Day on Tuesday 28th October. The exhibition, run by the City Of Edinburgh Council, features over 30 exhibitors who provide services to the property rental industry, plus… Read More

IE and opacity

17 Sep 2008

As Web 2.0 kind of guys, we often use Javascript and opacity CSS to fade elements in and out or to make areas semi-transparent. The major browsers cater for opacity in slightly different ways,… Read More

Energy Performance Certificates Scotland

20 Aug 2008

Soon we will see that rental properties must have an Energy Performance Certificate, which rates how effective the property's energy usage is on a scale of A to G, A being the most effective. … Read More

Flash pop-ups and z-index

23 Jun 2008

Flash pop-ups have recently become popular with a few of our customers. They have a few benefits to traditional html pop-ups in that they are not perceived by the browsers as pop-ups at all… Read More

Google churns

14 May 2008

Have you been monitoring your Google ranking lately? It's been pretty interesting. Google have apparently been doing a public website Page Rank update. In the old days, that used to be a big… Read More

Use keywords in your offline advertising

29 Mar 2008

If we accept (and we should) that websites are a part of our marketing mix, the online part, then we are all probably doing some offline marketing, right? Here's an interesting angle on how… Read More

Margin problem in Firefox and Safari

20 Mar 2008

We came across a problem the other day using margin-top with Firefox and Safari. It occurs when you have a containing div with a background followed immediately by another div with margin-top. For example: <div style="background-color:#FF0000;… Read More

New version of the Blot CMS

20 Feb 2008

Over the last six months, we've been working on a new version of the Blot Content Management System (CMS). The enhancements are a mix of things we've planned and items you have requested. … Read More

Men in skirts fund-raise for Moebius Research

19 Feb 2008

Here's a great story that's got nothing to do with web design, software or marketing. Two of our friends and customers are undertaking a charity trip of a lifetime that evokes memories of the Easy Rider… Read More

Watch out for PNGs on IE6

17 Feb 2008

PNG is a good image format for web design in certain circumstances - a bit like gifs - good for images with blocks of same colour, no lossieness etc. They can also have a transparency… Read More

P45 time for IE6?

15 Jan 2008

For years the bane of web designers lives has been the number of different browsers out there - Netscape, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc.... Quite often it has meant coding different code for… Read More

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