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Articles - 2015

Piwik web analytics

21 Oct 2015

When it comes to web analytics we're long-time users of Google Analytics, even using it back when it used to be Urchin! It gives a huge amount of information and facilities, but the frequent criticism it… Read More

Responsive email & Outlook

24 Jul 2015

These days responsive web pages are the norm.   It's pretty reasonable for people to think of extending responsive concepts to emails, so that it doesn't matter what device is used to view the email, it… Read More

An upside if you're Mobile Un-Friendly

21 Mar 2015

We talked about Google's 'mobile-friendly' tagging initiative in a recent article. The idea is that they will flag websites as 'mobile-friendly' if the site passes their mobile viewing tests.  Although Google tagging of sites as 'mobile-friendly' has… Read More

Google warns mobile unfriendly websites

18 Feb 2015

Google are now sending out messages to website owners warning them if their website is not 'mobile friendly'.  They say that selected sites may have their rankings affected. They've also announced that in April, a 'significant'… Read More

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