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Articles - 2013

What type of mobile website do you really need?

20 Nov 2013

If you're reading this article on a smartphone or small screen device like a tablet, it will look different to how it looks on a desktop PC.  That's because we've taken a responsive design approach… Read More

How to get your video formats right

15 Nov 2013

HTML5 and CSS3 have made a whole bunch of new things possible on websites, including the playing of streaming native video. Video before HTML5 Prior to HTML5, if you wanted to play a video on a browser… Read More

Fanduel - A Scottish success

31 Oct 2013

This week I went along to Edinburgh University Business School to hear Nigel Eccles, CEO of Fanduel, give a talk run by Informatics Ventures. Fanduel have an online fantasy sports site where players can pick their… Read More

Displaying PDF files in popups

24 Oct 2013

Here's something for the developers out there. Every needed to show pdf files in a popup window? We recently had a job where we had a webpage with a table and in each cell was a… Read More

Using web technology to save time.. and money

19 Oct 2013

We're believers that web technology should make a practical difference in saving time and/or money and here's an example that hits right at that premise. Our clients, Boroughmuir Rugby and Community Sports Club, make extensive use… Read More

Has Google ruined Analytics?

04 Oct 2013

Something significant happened with Google Analytics at the end of last month. More accurately, something significant happened with Google organic search last month.  They changed the way search activity is handled across the internet, changing it… Read More


29 Sep 2013

Do you use Google Analytics?  Certainly a lot of webmasters do and it gives a huge range of information.  Sometimes so much, it's hard to see the wood from the trees! Over the last few weeks,… Read More


10 Sep 2013

Here's a very handy tool that will effortlessly generate images of common things you might need to use if you're involved in social media or running a website. It's called Pinstamatic and it's aimed at Pinterest… Read More

Comments are back!

31 Aug 2013

Back in 2006, when we started our article blog, things were a little different.   We integrated Wordpress into our site (slightly unusual in those days) and we switched comments on.   We modestly wondered if visitors… Read More

Instagram and Pinterest

30 Aug 2013

If you're in Scotland and interested in social media and things Internet, you should check out the New Media Breakfasts, run by fatbuzz.  They have monthly events in Edinburgh and Glasgow and also run them… Read More

Don't let your website bite you!

16 Aug 2013

The point of most business websites is to promote the business in the best possible light, right? So why do so many website owners let their site fall into varying states of disrepair? Things out of… Read More

Surviving Penguin and Panda

25 Jul 2013

If search engines are at all important to your business, you will probably know that each search engine regularly updates its secret recipe for determining search engine rankings. The updates are sometimes to provide new feature… Read More

Preserving your code content in TinyMCE

17 May 2013

In our content management system, we use the html editor TinyMCE.  We tried out lots before choosing it. We thought it provided the best integration, and was most stable.  There may be others out there… Read More

Do you own your website?

03 May 2013

Does everything on your website belong to you?  It may do, but the chances are that if your website was built for you by a web development company, only parts of it are yours. A website… Read More

Creating remote Git repository with Git GUI

26 Apr 2013

Okay, I accept Git remote repositories is rather geeky article subject and may have limited appeal to non web software development people. But this is something we have to do only occasionally and can never remember how… Read More

Track your links with UTM tags

19 Apr 2013

If there is one thing that marketing people agree on, it is measurement of results.  Not everyone does it, of course, but they all agree it is important! In web marketing, it really is important to… Read More

Web developers mobile kit-bag

20 Mar 2013

The process of switching phones the other day made me go though all the apps I use on my phone and tablet. The results were interesting and the good news for me was that 99% of… Read More

Phone hyperlinks for your website

15 Feb 2013

No-one can have any doubt about the massive increase of web use on mobile phone devices.  Apparently, over 1 million mobile phones are activated every day and there are now more mobile phones in the… Read More

Looking into 2013

07 Jan 2013

Well, here we are in a brand new year.  Things happen so quickly in the world of web and internet these days, it's sometimes hard to keep track of fads, trends, groundbreaking news and outright… Read More

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