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Articles - 2006

5 steps in choosing a web design company

04 Dec 2006

Unfortunately, it's a geek world. Our industry is full of people who love to tell you how complicated the Internet is. The secret is that it really isn't that complicated at all. And… Read More

How to fix the broken capital W in Internet Explorer

10 Nov 2006

Here's one that only a web designer anorak could come up with. If you're interested in web design professionally, you'll know that the different browsers operate slightly differently. It's much better than it used to be,… Read More

Search engine success with your blog

31 Oct 2006

In our last blog article, increasing business with blogs we looked at how you could use your blog to grow your business by increasing content, gaining credibility as an industry expert and getting your potential… Read More

Web design with multiple sites and IIS

05 Oct 2006

As a web design company, we often have multiple web site developments in various states of development. The easiest way to manage this is to have a web server on our individual PCs and… Read More

Increase business with a blog

16 Sep 2006

In our first blog article What's all the fuss about blogs, we covered some of the history of the blog, where it came from, and how people use it generally. For businesses though, the blog can… Read More

Web design Norton ad-blocking gotcha

30 Aug 2006

Here's a little ad-blocking problem from Norton that we came across recently which should be a concern to web designers everywhere and web users in general. Symantec's Norton Internet Security (NIS) product is a fine product… Read More

What's all the fuss about blogs?

08 Aug 2006

There's been a lot of talk recently about blogs. Everybody seems to have a favourite or even one of their own. So what's all the fuss about? And is it something that can help your… Read More

Blot Design on your mobile

22 Jul 2006

Here's a new service from us to help you get even easier access to our articles. A mobile version of the Blot Design article service. One day most people will probably use a mobile phone (or… Read More

Liven up your business with Content Management

31 May 2006

Keeping your web site up to date with a Content Management system can make a huge difference to your web business. It makes your business look good to clients and helps you with search… Read More

High impact SEO with low effort

04 May 2006

Let me say right up front that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is hard and sometimes complicated work. However, if you are someone with at least some technical web knowledge and a need to improve your… Read More

Briefing a printer

27 Apr 2006

If you need to get documents printed at all, here's a great article given to us by our friends at George Nicol Graphics (0131 332 0449), on the important things to tell your printer. Most… Read More

Domain name delirium

30 Mar 2006

A recurring theme in our business is the tricks people think will help improve their rankings on the search engines. I think this is a mix of human nature always looking for a 'silver bullet',… Read More

Google speed limit

30 Mar 2006

In the business world, nothing can be done quick enough. Doesn't matter if it's getting that order, moving office or launching that new product. Everyone wants things yesterday. Websites are no exception. When you decide… Read More

What business can learn from Andre Agassi

28 Feb 2006

Quite a few years ago tennis player Andre Agassi came up with a media quote that has probably come back to haunt him as he got older. He said, "Image is Everything". In… Read More

Templated web sites - the case against

11 Feb 2006

Web design can have different approaches. At Blot Design our approach is to provide a professional, customised approach to design and development. We take time to understand our client's requirements and preferences and use design… Read More

Cuban Artist Danilo Vinardell - multimedia CD

04 Feb 2006

We've just completed an interesting multimedia project for a client. It's a multimedia CD showcasing the abstract paintings of Cuban painter Danilo Vinardell. He is represented in Europe by a Scotsman and an Irishman who… Read More

8 steps to a sizzling hot home page

16 Jan 2006

Content and context Without good content, your website isn't worth much. Remember that the site is your face to the world. It has to look good and what is says must be what your audience is… Read More

Spear Connect becomes Blot Design Ltd

14 Jan 2006

At the end of December 2005 we changed the name of the company from Spear Connect to Blot Design Ltd. We felt that in 3 years, the company identity had changed considerably and wanted a… Read More

Links - votes for your web site

14 Jan 2006

OK, so you've got your web site on the search engines, and that's good progress. The site content has been set up to be friendly to the search engines, and that's important too. The next piece… Read More

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