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Spear Connect becomes Blot Design Ltd

by Iain Wilson

14 January 2006

At the end of December 2005 we changed the name of the company from Spear Connect to Blot Design Ltd. We felt that in 3 years, the company identity had changed considerably and wanted a name that more reflected our ethos.

We also wanted to establish a new brand for our products. In the previous 12 months we had developed our content management and property management software. We intend to keep adding to this range with new products such as the Blot Bookings system for front-of-house hotel admin and Internet bookings.

From a business operations point of view, our customers are not affected at all. Only the name, email details and web address have changed. All other arrangements remain in place. Existing contracts, standing orders etc do not need to be changed. However, we would ask our customers to update your records accordingly.

From a service perspective it simply means more control to provide products and services we believe are important to your businesses.

We look forward to continuing to work with you in 2006.

Iain Wilson Director

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