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Google Search Filters

10 Jul 2017

Like most web users out there, I've been using Google search for more years than I care to remember, but this month I found something incredibly useful that I didn't even know was there. Most of… Read More

Dealing with the GDPR regulations for email marketing

14 Mar 2017

Lookout! There's new email marketing legislation on the way. It's part of the EU's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), due in May 2018. If you send out any kind of email marketing, you've got work to do. And because one of… Read More

Web apps catching up

14 Oct 2016

Recently we added a nice feature to one of our web apps.  In their Settings, users can register to receive push notifications each time one of the other members of their group adds some information.… Read More

Google My Business and Google explained

20 Sep 2016

Google's local business listing system is really important if you want your business to be found on local searches and appear in the mapped listings. But understanding and keeping track of how Google manages this is… Read More

Drayton's 7 Deadly Website Sins

12 Jul 2016

Here's another nugget from marketing expert Drayton Bird.  Honestly, if you haven't check out his 51 marketing ideas yet, you are missing out. This month, we've got 7 deadly website sins. If you've got a website you've almost certainly… Read More

Drayton's 16 helpful layout tips

23 Jun 2016

Drayton Bird is one of the UK's most respected marketing experts.  If you are in any way interested in marketing and advertising you should get his 51 marketing ideas, read his 'Commonsense Direct and Digital… Read More

Mobile website access analysis 2016

18 Feb 2016

It's nearly a year since Google's Mobilegeddon - where Google indicated they would look more favourably on websites they considered 'mobile-friendly'. The world's going mobile and there are plenty studies to prove it.   According to a… Read More

Changes afoot for web images?

19 Nov 2015

In web development we've been using GIF, JPEG and PNG image files for quite a while now. Behind the scenes though, things might be changing for images on websites. There are new image technologies out and… Read More

Piwik web analytics

21 Oct 2015

When it comes to web analytics we're long-time users of Google Analytics, even using it back when it used to be Urchin! It gives a huge amount of information and facilities, but the frequent criticism it… Read More

Responsive email & Outlook

24 Jul 2015

These days responsive web pages are the norm.   It's pretty reasonable for people to think of extending responsive concepts to emails, so that it doesn't matter what device is used to view the email, it… Read More

An upside if you're Mobile Un-Friendly

21 Mar 2015

We talked about Google's 'mobile-friendly' tagging initiative in a recent article. The idea is that they will flag websites as 'mobile-friendly' if the site passes their mobile viewing tests.  Although Google tagging of sites as 'mobile-friendly' has… Read More

Google warns mobile unfriendly websites

18 Feb 2015

Google are now sending out messages to website owners warning them if their website is not 'mobile friendly'.  They say that selected sites may have their rankings affected. They've also announced that in April, a 'significant'… Read More

Next gen CAPTCHA is a No Captcha

17 Dec 2014

Don't know about you, but I'm pretty tired of using CAPTCHA images on web page forms.   Here's a new facility along the same lines, but a whole lot easier for the user. What's a CAPTCHA? If you're… Read More

Don't make this social media mistake

04 Nov 2014

Ever posted one of your webpages to social media and not been happy with the result?   It's probably because your pages don't contain social media meta information used by Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Feedly etc. Social… Read More

Post-Development Website Roadmap

24 Oct 2014

We work almost exclusively with SME businesses, and we see many of them making the same mistakes that hurt the effectiveness of their websites. It's often because you are so busy with day-to-day running of your… Read More

Breaking through the creative barrier

25 Sep 2014

Creative block.  Anyone who works in a creative capacity will recognise the signs The blank screen or piece of paper The never ending little jobs that 'need' to be done to avoid the real job The additional research… Read More

Informatics Ventures - Teaming with Start-ups

31 Jul 2014

The business startup culture and eco-system is flourishing in Scotland and one of the organisations who really make a difference is Informatics Ventures. They run events and educational programmes for budding entrepreneurial individuals and startup companies… Read More

Are mobile users frightened of your site?

15 Jul 2014

If your website is a few years old and developed using old technology, this could be big, big news for you and your business. On Google's Webmaster Blog, they've made an important announcement about how their search… Read More

Browser up to date?

26 Jun 2014

While good web design should work with at least a few past versions of a particular browser, you might find yourself missing out on new functionality and features on newer sites because you are using… Read More

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