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Articles - 2007

Developing for Web 2.0

29 Oct 2007

We've been doing a fair bit of work recently which could be described under the Web 2.0 banner. While some of the technology is great, you need to take care that your application of… Read More

No future for pop-ups?

30 Sep 2007

It used to be a great way to get attention - when a visitor comes to your site, pop up a new window on top of the page that highlights some special information. Some people had… Read More

Can Google's country redirect hurt your site?

27 Aug 2007

Some time ago Google started directing search requests to their country servers based on the geographic location of the request. For example, if you were in the UK and made a Google search, the… Read More

Getting to page #1 on Google

27 Jun 2007

Regular readers will know that we are always exploring and recommending ways to improve your search engine rankings. We've talked about keyword phrases, content, site architecture, tags, articles, links, directories etc. Now here's a good… Read More

Don't use PDF instead of web pages

20 May 2007

There are more and more programs around these days that will convert documents into PDF (Portable Document Format). PDF files are cropping up on web sites all over the place and we are seeing… Read More

Multi-language web sites for wider marketing reach

25 Apr 2007

If your website is available in foreign languages, it gives your company a wider marketing reach and can generate more revenues for you. "Sure", you say, "but we only operate in the local marketplace". Well,… Read More

Float thinks it's the containing block

15 Apr 2007

The day will no doubt come when IE6 is obsolete and we can all forget about it. But until then, designers have to put up with its charming idiosyncracies. Here's one that drove us crazy… Read More

Want to break a world record?

28 Mar 2007

Not many of us get the chance to break a world record, but this might be your opportunity to at least have a taste of glory. Our friend, Rob Loder-Symonds from Edinburgh-based management accountants and cost… Read More

Border vanishes in IE6

02 Mar 2007

We came across another of those infuriating IE6 bugs the other day. It's a bit obscure but I'm sure others have hit it. It occurs when you have a large containing block with a border around… Read More

Your website and the law

27 Feb 2007

This month Blot Design caught up with Angus MacLeod, from solicitors Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie LLP to discuss some of the legal aspects of operating a website. WJM are a full service law firm with offices… Read More

Company registration needed on websites

07 Jan 2007

At the end of 2006 an amendment was passed into the UK Companies Act that makes it a requirement for companies to display regulatory information about their company on websites and email footers. From 1st January… Read More

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