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Articles - 2011

Bouncy, bouncy

20 Oct 2011

Do you use email marketing to promote your business. If you do, you'll no doubt receive reports about the number of 'bounces' each time you send out a campaign. Is this something you look at… Read More

The Facebook Lost Generation

14 Sep 2011

Facebook and social media in general seems to be everywhere these days. It's permeated just about everywhere. But for some people social media is just something reported in the press, something young people do, something… Read More

Sick of these messages?

17 Aug 2011

If you've got a website with a contact form, you're probably sick to death of getting these unsolicited messages from people who don't know you, telling you they will get you to the top of… Read More

Do you really want to +1 it?

21 Jul 2011

Am I missing something here? Google's nascent +1 facility is similar to the Facebook 'like' but ANYONE can see that you personally have +1'd a page. Doesn't this restrict how much people will use it? You've maybe… Read More

Email marketing open statistics down?

18 Jul 2011

Have you noticed a reduction in the number of 'opens' that your email marketing campaign statistics are producing? When it comes to marketing in general and email marketing in particular, statistics can play a major… Read More

Customers shoes

23 May 2011

It's a big job organising a city marathon and the Edinburgh marathon is by and large well organised. But when I dropped my daughter off to catch the bus to her relay stage I… Read More

Two out of three ain't good

13 May 2011

I attended the latest event from the excellent LongLunch in Glasgow last week and very interesting and entertaining it was. The talk was by Hans Wolbers, one of the founders and creative director of the Amsterdam… Read More

Are IP addresses geographic?

12 Apr 2011

We recently had a query about using the IP address of web visitors to determine their geographic location and work out which services they would be allowed to use on the website. Will this… Read More

Banks - don't you love them?

10 Mar 2011

A letter came today from my bank. It's no wonder people get a little hot under the collar over the subject of banks. The letter informed that my Business Advisor (not their term) was moving on… Read More

IE, opacity and ClearType

24 Feb 2011

If you're using opacity to fade in/out elements in your web developments, you'll know dealing with Internet Explorer is not for the faint-hearted. Doesn't matter if you're using CSS, jQuery or writing the Javascript yourself;… Read More

Marketing with QR codes

18 Feb 2011

Have you noticed patterned graphics similar to the one below recently on websites and printed material? Steve Hudson, our pal at Leith printing.com pointed one out the other day on some brochures. The graphic is a… Read More

Free alternative to Photoshop?

24 Jan 2011

If you do any website management, at some point you will need to resize or crop an image or photo. Here's a free download that will help you to do just that. Good content management systems… Read More

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