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Articles - 2010

The secret to writing newsletter content

14 Oct 2010

If you knew what people wanted to read about in your company newsletter, would it help you in your marketing? You bet it would. If you knew what they wanted to read,… Read More

Canonicalisation scares

17 Sep 2010

WHAT? Recently, we've seen SEO companies using a soft-sell scare tactic to try and get business by telling web owners there is a canonical issue with their website that is reducing its search… Read More

Get listed on Google Local Business

16 Aug 2010

There are very few shortcuts to anything, but the Google Local Business results might be the nearest thing on the web. Have you noticed those businesses that come up on a Google search with… Read More

Best iPhone App?

22 Jul 2010

This month, Skype updated their iPhone application in a little way that makes a big difference. They made the Skype for iPhone app compatible with iPhone's latest multi-tasking operating system, iOS4, which is a BIG DEAL… Read More

Get your Bing maps listing right

14 Jul 2010

Having moved office recently, we noticed that Bing Maps had us registered at an old address. Given the perceived importance of Local Business listings these days and the rise of the Bing search engine, we… Read More

Copywriting mistake No.1

22 Jun 2010

If you're writing copy for your web pages, mailer or brochure, make sure you get the key points out as early as you can. If you do this you will keep and interest your reader,… Read More

Real fonts come to the web?

17 May 2010

One of the most enduring complaints about website design is the limited number of fonts available to designers. Now this may be about to change with a little help from Google. Traditionally, when a web page… Read More

Free Wi-Fi locations in Edinburgh

26 Apr 2010

Regular readers will know how much we appreciate the availability of free Wi-Fi locations. Here's a list of some of the known ones in and around Edinburgh provided by our friends at Real History Talks. Whether… Read More

The biggest search engine myth

16 Apr 2010

In our business you get to hear a lot of things about improving search engine rankings. Most people never hear of a lot of them, but there is one that seems to have gone mainstream… Read More

Wi-Fi ubiquity

28 Mar 2010

In the UK, we get a lot of our technology trends and direction from the US, so it was interesting to see how much free Wi-Fi has permeated there. In an effort to manage the… Read More

Are you getting these messages?

10 Feb 2010

Unsolicited messages from the Internet are a fact of life these days. A number of our clients keep getting emails similar to the one below. Naturally, something like this might draw your interest, but… Read More

Find your IP address

10 Jan 2010

Sometimes you need to know the IP address that your PC has when it is connected to the Internet. We sometimes use this for extra security for our hosting service, so that if you connect to… Read More

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