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Articles - 2014

Don't make this social media mistake

04 Nov 2014

Ever posted one of your webpages to social media and not been happy with the result?   It's probably because your pages don't contain social media meta information used by Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Feedly etc. Social… Read More

Post-Development Website Roadmap

24 Oct 2014

We work almost exclusively with SME businesses, and we see many of them making the same mistakes that hurt the effectiveness of their websites. It's often because you are so busy with day-to-day running of your… Read More

Breaking through the creative barrier

25 Sep 2014

Creative block.  Anyone who works in a creative capacity will recognise the signs The blank screen or piece of paper The never ending little jobs that 'need' to be done to avoid the real job The additional research… Read More

Informatics Ventures - Teaming with Start-ups

31 Jul 2014

The business startup culture and eco-system is flourishing in Scotland and one of the organisations who really make a difference is Informatics Ventures. They run events and educational programmes for budding entrepreneurial individuals and startup companies… Read More

Are mobile users frightened of your site?

15 Jul 2014

If your website is a few years old and developed using old technology, this could be big, big news for you and your business. On Google's Webmaster Blog, they've made an important announcement about how their search… Read More

Browser up to date?

26 Jun 2014

While good web design should work with at least a few past versions of a particular browser, you might find yourself missing out on new functionality and features on newer sites because you are using… Read More

Hooked by PhishTank!

25 Jun 2014

This week I attended another talk on Cyber Security organised by Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA). This one was on the dark practice of 'phishing' and was presented excellently by Shaun Jones of NCC Group. Shaun's… Read More

Coffitivity Creativity

12 Jun 2014

What is it about the background noise of a busy cafe or restaurant that makes it a great place for creativity? For some people at least, the steady hum of conversation and noise seems to put… Read More

FreeAgent integration using PHP OAuth2

19 Mar 2014

FreeAgent is a great cloud based accountancy product, developed right here in Edinburgh. It's used by loads of small and medium sized businesses all over the world.   In addition to the user software, FreeAgent have an… Read More

Time for Google to do something about Negative SEO?

27 Feb 2014

No-one could argue with one of the key ideas behind the Panda/Penguin updates to the Google search ranking algorithm - penalise, or at least don't give any credit to websites with spammy, low level inbound… Read More

QR codes - does anyone care?

17 Feb 2014

A couple of years back, QR codes were all the rage.  Advertisers were putting them on anything and everything.  But honestly, is there anything that is really worth doing with QR codes? The theory is actually… Read More

Using iPhone panorama photos on your website

08 Feb 2014

The latest iPhone 5 comes with a really neat facility that lets you take a 'panoramic' photo of any scene. A panoramic photo is just a wide picture of a scene which couldn't normally be captured… Read More

Could iBeacon change the world?

29 Jan 2014

Picture this, you're watching TV and the progamme mentions a product that you're interested in, so you tap some details into your phone, and forget about it.  Next day, you're walking down the street or… Read More

Google doesn't use Twitter and Facebook signals

23 Jan 2014

Now here's something pretty interesting recently announced by Google's head of spam, Matt Cutts. Google DO NOT treat Twitter and Facebook pages any different from any other pages.  It doesn't use Twitter and Facebook 'signals' in… Read More

4 website tips for 2014

14 Jan 2014

Another year upon us, and another year where we need to look at our websites and wonder how we can possibly keep up. It can become overwhelming when thinking about how to improve your site, so… Read More

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