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Blot Design on your mobile

by Iain Wilson

22 July 2006

blot design on mobile phoneHere's a new service from us to help you get even easier access to our articles. A mobile version of the Blot Design article service.

One day most people will probably use a mobile phone (or maybe it will be called mobile device by then) for the things we currently do on our PCs. Makes sense, doesn't it? One device to do all your electronic work instead of lots of different ones.

Already, the newest phones provide email, instant messaging, web browser and office applications for word processing, spreadsheets etc, together with wi-fi or GPRS internet connections. There are two problems as I see it, though. First, typing anything more than a couple of words is hard work and second, the screen is too small to accomodate something of the size of a web page.

The keyboard problem seems to be tackled by being able to attach a portable expanded keyboard, which you just plug in when you have some heavy duty keyboard activity to do. Not ideal, but just about useable.

The problem with the screen size is a different proposition altogether. Mobile phones keep getting more compact, but the screen real estate needs a minimum size for humans to be able to read it, no matter how high the pixel resolution might be. So I think there is plenty of scope for innovation. My idea of a projected image that hovers around two feet away from the user is probably some time away!

In the meantime, web design has to come up with pragmatic ways of dealing with the problems of image layouts and connection speeds. And that's exactly what we've done with the Blot Design web design articles - mobile version.

What this does is strip all the image and formatting that plays havoc with mobile browsers from the articles pages, and presents the text in an easy to read format. And with a navigation system that doesn't need a university degree to figure out.

Bottom line is that now you can read our articles on your mobile phone wherever you are. 

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