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5 steps in choosing a web design company

by Iain Wilson

4 December 2006

Unfortunately, it's a geek world. Our industry is full of people who love to tell you how complicated the Internet is.

The secret is that it really isn't that complicated at all. And you can work that to your advantage.

If it's time your company had a web presence, and you've been given the job of selecting the web company, it's doesn't have to be that hard.

Here's 5 guidelines for the non-technical.

  1. Know what you want. Do not be intimidated. This is an advertising scenario and it is about your business only. It must be personal. If you know what you want to achieve and have ideas, let them flow.
  2. Nephew it the backroom. Forget it, that is not going to work. Look, they can create a website. Yup. You could nail five bits of wood together to make a chair, but would your customers sit in it?
  3. Who are their customers? Good companies go with good companies. It's common sense. If they don't have good references, move on.
  4. Can they understand your business? Do you think they get it? Do they understand your business and why it is different from your competitors? That has to be the message your website vistors understand immediately
  5. Search engine stalemate. Unfortunately, lots of web design companies like to make pretty pictures but don't understand the economics of the internet. Make sure your design company knows how to architect your site for search engines and how to optimse your pages.

Blot Design talk business and technical language. If you've got ideas to leverage you business with web technology, get in touch, because we can help.

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