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Search engine success with your blog

by Iain Wilson

31 October 2006

In our last blog article, increasing business with blogs we looked at how you could use your blog to grow your business by increasing content, gaining credibility as an industry expert and getting your potential clients to get in touch with you.

If you've done everthing right, you will have a library of articles that the search engines will index and give you extra points because you have them. So what else can you do to increase your search engine success through the blog. Well, quite a lot.

Keyword phrases

Make sure you have included enough instances of the keyword phrase that you hope web surfers will use to find your article. There is never a precise number because it depends on the size of the article. However 3-5 times is probably a safe number.

Write for the reader

Keyword phrases are important, but a word of warning - don't think of them when you're writing the articles, review them later. The reason for this is you want your article to be readable by humans (remember you want them to do something, like get in touch!). If you write with keywords in mind, your writing style will probably be stilted and not fun to read.

Get your title, heading and description right

Make absolutely sure you get the right title on your article and that it is consistent with your first heading and the meta description. On some blogs, especially the hosted one, this can be difficult to do. However if you or your web designer has integrated the blog software into your site you should be able to make sure your title contains the keyword phrase you want. This may involve some extra PHP programming but it is absolutely worth it. The title tag is often neglected on web sites and it is one of the most important parts of your page.

Get your articles posted elsewhere

Now this might sound a little strange, but it can be good for other people to put your articles on other sites. However, there are a couple of serious caveats in this.

1. You must get your article indexed by the search engines on your site first. In general, this means that you are the originator of the article.

2. You must only let the article be posted on another site if there is a hyperlink back to your site. Why? because links are rated by Google.

Do all the above and you will start getting even more search engine value from your blog efforts.

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