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Moneybookers - a little courtesy, please

Payment provider rattles our cage

by Iain Wilson

19 March 2012

We've got a few customers who use Moneybookers/Skrill - an ecommerce payment system similar to PayPal which can provide eWallet and merchant account services for taking payments online.

In our experience it's a good system that works well.  But recently a couple of customers have been subjected to Moneybookers' merchant account verification process which at best could be described as 'slightly unfriendly'.

First of all, we acknowledge the importance of security and no-one wants people abusing these systems for money laundering purposes.  So it is important that accounts are verified correctly.  

But when the account has been operating for over a year and then the customer gets an email demanding the following items within 10 days or the account will be closed down, it's a little hard to understand:-

  • A clear and readable color copy of a valid official identification document with picture such as Identity Card, International Passport or Driver's License scanned in high resolution. Front and back of any card and/or double page of a passport;
  • A paper proof of address such as paper Utility Bill under the name of your company or the company you represent. This may be phone, electricity, or water bill you have received in the last three months;
  • A scanned copy Certificate of Incorporation;
  • List of the company's directors;
  • Filled in copy of the Merchant Questionnaire ;
  • Signed copy of the Merchant Agreement ;
  • Signed copy of the Fee Schedule .

The customer who got this could only be described as 'shocked, bewildered and angry'.

Another client was sent a similar email when trying to set up a new account, having used PayPal previously.  After trying to communicate with Moneybookers/Skrill customer service, they've given up - and gone back to Paypal.

In terms of friendly customer service, the emails are shockingly bad.  Calling Moneybookers/Skrill marketing department - a little courtesy, please!  It's costing you customers.

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