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dlvr.it - feeding your social media

One post, shared multiple times

by Iain Wilson

17 February 2012

At the recent Edinburgh meeting of New Media Breakfast (come along, it's good), Gordon White of Fat Buzz mentioned a great little tool called dlvr.it.

It's a major timesaving facility that automatically logs updates to your social media whenever you update any feeds you use (blogs, news, articles etc).  So when I save this news update, this is what happens

  1. It gets saved to the articles section on the Blot website.
  2. The RSS feed for the articles section gets updated with details of the story.
  3. dlvr.it senses that there has been a change to the RSS feed and posts a new post to the Blot Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

It does in seconds what would normally take about 15 minutes or more.  And you can post to a host of other social media, not just the ones I've mentioned.

Haven't got an RSS feed?  Well, if you use the Blot CMS and have a news/articles section you will have.  And if you use something like Wordpress, you will have to.

Give dlvr.it a shot and save yourself some time.

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