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Is web hosting harming business?

Slow page response will lose clients

by Iain Wilson

10 March 2012
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We've just changed a client's web hosting to a new hosting platform.  

The client contacted us and explained that they had hosting with a very well known UK hosting provider but the response times they were getting were really long and sometimes just timed out.  

They had contacted the provider who (unbelievably) told them that was what shared hosting was like and there was nothing they could do about it other than upgrading them to an (explensive) dedicated server.  

Now, this site wasn't particularly big.  Their traffic is medium.  They use Wordpress so there is a bit of database access but had installed the Super Cache plugin so there really wasn't too much going on.

We stuck a monitor on the site and sure enough, the response time was averaging out around 8 seconds when it was up and had daily downtime of around 25%!  This is from a well-known, national hosting provider!!  We let it run for a week and that was the standard performance, day in, day out.

This is seriously bad.  Imagine a prospective customer visiting the site over a week or so and either not getting a response or having to wait for 8 seconds for a page to show.  

Almost certainly, over a period of time this is going to cost business as prospective customers just go elsewhere.

Well, we transferred the site, Wordpress and all to one of our hosting platforms, tried and tested.  The response time is now down to less than half a second - a salutory lesson in how hosting can affect business.

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