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Blot CFPwinMan integration gives companies single point of control

Perfect for property management websites

by Iain Wilson

31 March 2012

We've just completed development of the Blot property CFPwinMan integration module, which allows CFPwinMan property management customers to automatically upload available properties from their CFPwinMan system to their company website.  It's just been installed at one of our Edinburgh property management companies.

CFPwinMan is a lettings and property management package that runs on Windows servers and has been installed in over 3000 offices.  It handles all aspects of looking after lettings and property management including accounting, diary management, letter production, report writing and even brochure production.

CFPwinMan can produce data export files to the RightMove V3.0 specification.  This is a de-facto industry standard format which has been adopted by many of the property portals including RightMove, LettingWeb etc.  So it was logical for us to use the same format to import it into our property websites.

CFPwinMan's export facility allows their customers to produce a new data export each time they have a change in their property stock.  The facility automatically uploads the export to the property company website.  

This is where our integration module takes over.  It periodically checks to see if a new export has been sent.  If it finds one, it goes through the following steps:

  • Unzips the file
  • Parses the data definition information so it can understand the format of the data
  • For each property record, translates all the property information and maps it to the website database fields
  • Allocates any photographs to each property
  • Publishes the properties on the website

Using the CFPwinMan integration module, it now means our property clients have one point of control for all their properties, and can publish it to their portals of choice and to their own customised website.

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