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Best iPhone App?

by Iain Wilson

22 July 2010

This month, Skype updated their iPhone application in a little way that makes a big difference.

They made the Skype for iPhone app compatible with iPhone's latest multi-tasking operating system, iOS4, which is a BIG DEAL if you're an iPhone user who uses Skype.

skype-iphone.jpgLet me explain. The original Skype for iPhone app let you make and receive Skype and traditional telephone calls. If you were abroad, perhaps in a hotel, you could connect via Wi-Fi or 3G and make international phone calls through Skype. The cost was a fraction of normal phone call charges and the quality was surprisingly good.

You needed a SkypeIn number to receive telephone calls, but these are just regular numbers so you give out the number and anyone could call you on it using a traditional handset or mobile.

Only problem was that if a call came in and you didn't have the Skype app running, you wouldn't get the call. This type of 'push' service really stopped the app being great as opposed to just very good.

With the latest version, which needs the iOS4 operating system on 3GS and 4 versions of iPhone, Skype can run in the background and activate itself whenever a call comes in. Fantastic!

So now you could be lying by the pool in Acupulco and be able to take calls from the office at any time - er, maybe not so fantastic.

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