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Get your Bing maps listing right

by Iain Wilson

14 July 2010

Having moved office recently, we noticed that Bing Maps had us registered at an old address. Given the perceived importance of Local Business listings these days and the rise of the Bing search engine, we decided it was worth getting it fixed.

Not quite as easy as it first appeared.

Initially, we thought it would be just a case of logging into Bing Maps with our Windows Live ID and making corrections, but it turns out (in the UK at least) that is not the way it's done. After quite a few emails back and forth with Microsoft Customer Support, we finally got to the bottom of it. Bing business listings for the UK are listed within Multimaps.com and the listings are provided by Market Location (www.marketlocation.com).

To make changes to your listing you need to contact Market Location . There you will be able to make modifications to your business listing. Market Location will phone you to confirm the listing.

In addition to Bing, Multimap also supply listings to several other services such as BT, Up My Street, Yahoo etc, so there are additional benefits to getting the listing right.

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