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Create your own XML sitemap

by Iain Wilson

1 August 2009

There is so much misinformation about search engines and search engine optimisation these days. A lot of people believe that a site map will increase a site's ranking.

Bing search engineJust about the only way a site map will increase your site's ranking is if the site has been badly built.

Once the search engines know your site exists, they will crawl all over it, in due time.

So what's the use of a sitemap? A sitemap will help the search engine find pages that couldn't otherwise be found and it might, just might, use the sitemap to find pages a little quicker than it might through standard crawling.

How to make one? Well, you can code on from scratch in XML, but that's kind of hard work. Much easier to go to a site like XML Sitemaps.com and use the online facility there.

Another option is at http://www.web-site-map.com/xml_sitemap.php

All you need to do is then upload it to your website and tell Google et al about it.

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