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Flood at Blot Towers

by Iain Wilson

9 July 2009

Global warming or what? This week web development got put on hold after the Blot Design office was flooded!

Picture the scene; it's just coming up to 5:00pm, the Blot office is still hard at work and it's raining - typical Scottish summer day you might think, but you'd be wrong. It's raining, then it's raining hard, then it's beating down, there are lightning forks and thunder. This is more like the rainforests of Borneo than Mayfield Road!

But there is work to be done, so let's just ignore it, it must go off eventually. Ten minutes later it's still raining but starting to get less heavy. After a while it's pretty much stopped. The sound of water running down the drains can be heard and its gurgling journey is pleasant to the ear. However, this isn't the familiar sound we've heard before; this is different, closer, louder.

The reason it sounds closer and louder is because it is coming through the front door! There is a lake in the car park outside and it is coming through the front door, along the hallway and into the offices. Within five minutes all the rooms are flooded with about 6 inches of rainwater, soaking power extensions, computers and paper files.

There's a frantic effort to switch off power, empty water and save all the valuable stuff to a dry refuge from the paddyfield that used to be the office.

At this point it looks like it will take around 4-5 weeks to dry the place out and replace the carpet. Hopefully, it won't impact our clients and ongoing development too much. The thing is - it could have been 10 times worse if it had happened outside office hours!

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