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Use keywords in your offline advertising

by Iain Wilson

29 March 2008

If we accept (and we should) that websites are a part of our marketing mix, the online part, then we are all probably doing some offline marketing, right? Here's an interesting angle on how online and offline marketing can connect.

When people see passing adverts, do they remember the url of the web address? No doubt they do sometimes, but often the address is just too long or complicated. What they might remember is the brand or maybe some words about the product.

When they go to the internet to find out more, you should be thinking about helping them find you. If they've remembered your company name, you're probably ok, unless your name uses generic words e.g. Good Solutions.

If they can't remember the company, they might start putting in some words about the product that they remember from the advert. If the product is very specialised, then again, you're probably ok. But if it contains popular words, you'll struggle. Try putting 'car insurance' into Google and you'll see what I mean.

So, what can you do? Without spending thousands, you're not going to get to the top of Google, Yahoo, MSN for 'car insurance', so you need another strategy. If you're site has been around a decent amount of time, you will almost certainly rank well for certain keywords that will be more personal to your business. There will be less competition for these keywords, and that is why you rank well. Use these keyword phrases in your offline advertising.

If possible and in context, make them stand out so that people remember them and when they sit at their computer to look for your site, they type these into Google et al.

Offline and online advertising working together, imagine that!

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