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Men in skirts fund-raise for Moebius Research

by Iain Wilson

19 February 2008

Here's a great story that's got nothing to do with web design, software or marketing.

Two of our friends and customers are undertaking a charity trip of a lifetime that evokes memories of the Easy Rider movie.

In late June this year, Colin Read and Iain Whyte are going to motorcycle across the USA from Washington DC to Los Angeles, to raise money for the Moebius Research Trust.

It's over 3000 miles and just to spice it up a bit, the boys are going to do it in...... KILTS!

Not a pretty thought we know, but it is already getting publicity and can only help with the fund raising effort. Not sure if the good people of Kansas and Indiana will know what to think, though.

They leave for the trip riding Harleys down the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade, then through Edinburgh and out to the airport. Can't see how TV and newspapers will resist that!

The Trust is aiming to raise £250,000 to fund research into the cause of Moebius Syndrome, a nerve disorder that prevents sufferers from smiling, frowning or even blinking. There is no cure currently, and the aim of the Trust is to provide funding and support for research.

If you would like to make any donation at all to support the fund, just go to the Just Giving site, or contact us if you'd like to talk to Colin and Iain about sponsorships.

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