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Want to break a world record?

by Iain Wilson

28 March 2007

Not many of us get the chance to break a world record, but this might be your opportunity to at least have a taste of glory.

Our friend, Rob Loder-Symonds from Edinburgh-based management accountants and cost consultants Canturian, has been selected for the 12-man crew who aim to break the world record time for crossing the Atlantic by rowing boat.

Rowing for twelve hours a day for more than 30 days in November Atlantic conditions might not be your cup of tea, but you and your business can be part of the world record attempt by sponsoring Rob.

The challenge

The record is 35 days and 8 hours and it was set in 1992 by a French crew. Rob and his crewmates are going to do it in the same boat, Le Mondiale.

There's four Scots, four Irish, and four Englishmen so it's a truly international attempt and these fools, er, driven young men, have an intensive training regime to cover before November this year.

Each crew member will be required to row in pairs for twelve hours each day for the entirety of the expedition in two hour shifts! A rota will be in operation whereby at any one time, eight men will be at the oars, two sleeping, two cooking and undertaking admin tasks.

The sponsorship

Rob needs to raise £10,000 to cover his share of the costs and that's where he needs your help. If your company would like to get involved, there will be lots of potential opportunities to gain exposure through Rob - clothing branding, talks from Rob, photographs, newspaper articles etc. There may also be a documentary film made during the attempt.

You won't have to deal with 50ft waves, sleep deprivation or blistered hands or worse. We can leave that to Rob and his buddies. You will however, have the opportunity to help in a world record attempt and at the same time, get some valuable exposure for your company.

You can contact Rob on 0845 833 1256 or email rob@canturian.com

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