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Company registration needed on websites

by Iain Wilson

7 January 2007

At the end of 2006 an amendment was passed into the UK Companies Act that makes it a requirement for companies to display regulatory information about their company on websites and email footers.

From 1st January 2007, a company must show the following information on all company websites and all company emails:

  • The company registration number and place of registration
  • The registered office address
  • The company VAT number

Where to put it?

On websites, it doesn't need to be on every page, as some observers initially thought. An appropriate place would be an 'About Us', a 'Contact' page or perhaps a 'Legal terms' page.

The information should be included in every email. An appropriate place would be at the foot. Most email packages provide a facility for a 'signature' or 'template' that could be used for this.

Failure to comply

Failure to comply is a breach of the law and you would be opening your company up to a potential fine.

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