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Sounds to work with

by Iain Wilson

12 June 2014

What is it about the background noise of a busy cafe or restaurant that makes it a great place for creativity?

For some people at least, the steady hum of conversation and noise seems to put the brain in a good place for working things out and getting things done.  

We came across Coffitivity around a year ago on a web site that basically had an audio of cafe noise that you could play.  I made a looping mp3 for my phone of it and would use it anytime I needed something to distract and come up with ideas at the same time.

Now, the good people at Coffitivity have released it as an desktop, iPhone or Andriod app and extended the funtionality.

Now you can choose your gentle noise from a range of 'Morning Murmur', 'Lunchtime Lounge' or 'University Undertones'.  

And your mobile device will be able to play them even when you're not online, which makes it handy for blanking out distracting noise if you're travelling somewhere.

So next time you need to get that left brain working, it might be worth giving Coffitivity a try.

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