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Generate images quickly for Pinterest and more

by Iain Wilson

10 September 2013

Here's a very handy tool that will effortlessly generate images of common things you might need to use if you're involved in social media or running a website.

It's called Pinstamatic and it's aimed at Pinterest users but you could use the images for other things (so long as you're not infringing any copyright laws!)

Pinstamatic currently generates images for 

  • Website snapshot
  • Quotes
  • Sticky note
  • A Spotify song
  • Your Twitter profile
  • Any date
  • A map with a specifc location
  • Photos with a top and bottom caption

How does it work?

It is extremely simple.  For example, let's say we want to create a Sticky Note.  Just choose that option, choose the note colour, then type in what you want to say in the note.

Pinstamatic sticky

Right beside where you are typing, a preview of the note will appear.  You can then Pin it direct to Pinterest, or right click the preview and save it to your computer for posting elsewhere.

Sticky Note preview

It's fantastically easy!  OK, it's a little limited, but in a few seconds, you've got an image to post. 

Other examples

Here are some of the other images you can generate in seconds from Pinstamatic.


website shotdatemapmapquote

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