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  April 2016

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3 steps to the SEO magic
Driverless Trucks
Uber legal problems (episode 100)

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Google warns site owners

Another good reason to get your website mobile optimised.


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3 steps to the SEO magic

SEO. Search Engine Optimisation - probably the most misunderstood aspect in the online world.

Many website owners believe tweaking there website with special magic tags and coding will surge it to the top of the rankings.

Afraid not. It might help, but the real secret to SEO is something your average website owner doesn't understand - getting links to your site.

Why don't they get it? Because it's hard to do and it's expensive to get done.

Now here's three simple steps to to make the SEO magic happen.

Learn the 3 steps…


Driverless Trucks

Looks like we've got ourselves a convoy - and no-one is driving!

Well, the car and tech companies have been talking about and testing driverless cars for a while now, but this month a convoy of driverless trucks drove across Europe to Rotterdam.

Apparently the first truck does the navigating and the rest 'just' follow.

Assuming it all works and is safe etc, it could lead to potentially huge labour and efficiency savings - a driverless truck could go 24 hours a day, instead of needing a break after 8.

Right now though, if I see one of these convoys in my rear mirror, I'll be pulling over pronto.


Find out more …

Uber legal problems (episode 100)

This is the problem when you try to disrupt traditional markets; the status quo find loads of ways to make it hard for you to do the disruption.

And so it was for the sharing economy recently.

We've seen Airbnb banned in Berlin, and Uber hit another snag with their ongoing issue of drivers as employees or contractors.

Uber seem to have deep pockets, though. They've doled out quite a few millions already in settlements AND still have not had to designate their drivers as employees.

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