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Software application systems

We have a range of software application systems that are either targeted at a particular industry (e.g. property, hotels) or at a particular business function (e.g. ecommerce). The list on the right shows some of our most popular application systems.

Integration with existing web sites

The applications can be fitted to most web-sites, whether created by Blot Design or not. We just need to carry out a site survey to check that the exiting development and hosting environments are suitable.

Tailored to your requirements

Each software application comes with a feature set. In most cases the application can be modified to suit any particular requirements or feature additions you might have. For example, you may wish the web application to send information to an existing database or accounting system.

Secure admin

Most of our applications have a secure, online administration system where the application can be controlled. For example, in our property management system, details of properties would be entered and maintained in the administration area.
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