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The first thing that will happen once your web site or app goes live is that you will want to update it.

If you need frequent changes, it's not cost effective to pay someone to make the changes.

A better solution is the Blot Design Content Management System (CMS).

Blot Design Content Managment

Our content management system is now in its third generation - each one learning from the previous and containing improvements based on client feedback and requests.

We built it ourselves because we wanted something that was very easy to use for our clients - you don't need to be technically skilled to manage your site.  Think Wordpress simplified.

It is based on identifying the key areas and pages of your site that need to be updated regularly, then providing menu based updating facilities. This can be done at web site development stage or retro-fitted once the site is up and running. A typical implementation of the content management system might include update facilities for the following:

  • Control of webpage text and images
  • News section
  • Teaser boxes on selected pages
  • Image gallery
  • File upload
  • Database system for your custom application etc

The philosophy is to separate presentation from content so that the underlying structure and design of the site is isolated from the CMS.

This protects your site from user error and gives peace of mind to non-technical users.

App integration

When we develop a new application, it is managed through the Blot Content Management system.  The advantage of this is that users only have one system to manage.  Once they know how to do that, it doesn't matter which applications are added - they all use the same system.


We've retro-fitted our content management system to websites that were developed by other companies.

All it takes to check out suitability is a quick site survey.  If the hosting and programming environment are suitable, it is then a straightforward job to integrate our software.

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