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Email marketing

Want to increase sales and maintain contact with customers?

Email marketing is just about the best bang-for-buck way to do that.  

With email marketing you can send regular or sporadic messages to your customer base, informing them of important news or offers and giving them information they value. 

Email marketing keeps your company name on your client's desk. The keys are to provide good content - interesting offers, news, industry information, gossip - and do it with the right frequency.

In addition to sending out emails, email marketing services provide something extra that is essential to your marketing efforts - statistics.  You will be able to find out what your subscribers like and don't like - so you can target your campaigns better than ever.

At Blot Design, we've been doing email marketing for ourselves and clients for over 10 years.  There are certain skills required to do it right, both technically and from a business perpective.

Email marketing requires a customer database and with details of your customers' name and email address. It also legally requires the customers to opt in to your service and must have a procedure for subscribers to opt out should they no longer want to participate. 

How we can help you

We can help you to get the email marketing results you are looking for:

  • Set up email marketing accounts
  • Provide training on using the service
  • Design and build custom email templates for your campaigns
  • Write email copy for the emails
  • Analyse and report on the campaign results

If you think your business can benefit from keeping in touch with your customers, get in touch today.

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