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Professional Web design

Web design needs a mix of creative, technical and business skills. Design needs to match and enhance your business.

For our clients, we believe web design should not be about technical terms and fads, but about easily understood principles:

  • Visually appealing - looks good, with legible text and well written content.
  • Good navigation - site architecture and menus make it easy and quick to find your way around the site.
  • Standards based - compliant with the WC3 HTML standards and the WAI Accessibility requirements.
  • Consistent design - all pages with similar design and navigation exudes professionalism and ease of use.
  • Responsive - shows the webpage content in a viewable way on desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Quick download - if it's not, your visitors will go elsewhere.
  • Search engine friendly - SE's must be able to travel through the site and index your pages.

Creative web design

It is hugely important that the site design reflects the values of your business and how you want to be seen by the world. That's why we like to discuss your business with you before deciding on any design approach. This knowledge helps us use our design techniques to produce a visual version of your identity.

Technical web design

Technically, your website design choices will be influenced by your business requirements.  Yes, you will need HTML, CSS, Javascript and other technical aspects, but that should not be major concern to you.  We will translate the business requirement to the technical components.

A business that needs a secure, fault tolerant, transaction processing web site has quite different development requirements from someone who wants a 5-page online brochure.

Business perspective

We will talk to you in business terms and make sure you are not bamboozled by technology, so that we can understand what is important for you. Furthermore, our advice is always to take things one step at a time.

Our solutions are built so you can grow your site in a business-like way. You will normally be able to add features and functions to your timescales - after you are satisfied the original requirement has been met.

Contact us today to discuss to discuss your web design requirements.

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