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July 2015

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10 ways to optimise images
Uber's woes continue
Responsive email and Outlook

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10 ways to optimise images

Who cares about optimising images, you say?

With the broadband speeds we have these days, you can get away with using larger and larger images on websites.

True, you can, but did you know one of Google's ranking factors was how long your page takes to load?

With average page sizes running at close to 2mb these days, you might be able to get a little search engine love just by fixing up your image sizes.

This article gives you 10 ways to improve the size of your images. You probably only need number 1.

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Uber's woes continue

Uber are definitely developing a taste for litigation. Last month we told you about the rideshare startup's employee classification problems.

This month, New York's councillors wanted to put a cap on Uber's growth in NYC because of the congestion their drivers were creating!

Nothing to do with lobbying from yellow taxi industry stakeholders, of course.

Did the cap happen? Well, see if you can guess - Uber spent loads on an advertising campaign and the politicians did a lot of talking.

Nothing disruptive comes without... er, disruption.

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Responsive email and Outlook

Microsoft's browser buddy, Internet Explorer, made web developer's lives a misery, and so is its email pal, Outlook.

IE did get better, it must be said, but don't expect anything from Outlook.

We do a fair bit of email marketing work for ourselves and for clients. In this mobile world, we want emails to become more responsive so they will work even better on smartphones and tables.

Coding for emails is an area all to itself because email software has varying levels of support for HTML and CSS commands. For this reason, you need compromise in many ways; use tables to layout, chose a subset of commands etc.

But when it comes to responsive emails, Outlook is a whole new ballgame. So, for those interested, here are four steps that might perhaps stop you from going completely crazy.

Thank you so much, Microsoft.

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