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June 2015

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5 Call to Action tips
Make your watch smart
Uber ruling

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BBC publishes list

Broadcaster provides list of 'right to be forgotten' pages.


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5 Call to Action tips

If you're running a website, you are going to have some pages - perhaps every page - where you want you visitor to DO something. Maybe you want them to call you, email you, or download something.

The language you use to ask people to do that 'something' is called a Call to Action.

Think all you need to say is 'Click here'?

Well, that might work, but there is a real art to coming up with compelling call to actions that produce the results you are hoping for.

The article provides 5 tips that will help you come up with irresistible call to actions and lists a few examples you may already be familiar with.

Give it a shot and see if it works for you.

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Turn your watch into a smart one

Digital wearables are very much This Year's Thing.

I'm guessing a few will be ending up in Christmas stockings in December. And who can deny the Apple Watch looks great and can do pretty cool things?

But what if you've already got a watch that is expensive, beautiful and.... dumb?

You're not going to just dump it and strap on an Apple, elegant though it might be.

Well, here's the answer - Chronos. It's a little disk that goes on your existing fab watch and provides smartwatch-like functionality - LED notifications and vibrations.

May just be what you need to protect your Rolex and Cartier investments.

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Does Uber ruling demonstrate need for change?

Uber is a very successful rideshare/taxi start-up.

Anyone can work for them if they have a car and pass certain criteria.

Uber regards their drivers as contractors. It keeps Uber's costs down and provides revenue to the company and the individual. Everyone is happy, right?

Wrong. This month a labour commission in California ruled that an Uber driver was an employee.

The ruling, which Uber is appealing, is a setback for the company, but it has wider implications.

The Uber model is used by many new start-up companies. It's a disruptive approach to having a workforce. The assumption these businesses make is that the workers will not be employees - which significantly reduces expense.

Assuming more and more companies will hope to work this way, maybe it's time for a different worker classification?

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