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Lenovo's virtual keyboard

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Offline Google Maps navigation!

Whatever you say about Google and their march to world domination with your data, they come up with some fantastic products.

Google Maps is one. What a great product it is.

Find most places in the developed world with a couple of clicks, flip to Street View to see what it really looks like, turn on navigation in your car and get accurate spoken directions.

They've just announced at the Google I/O conference that later this year Google Maps will be able to provide search and navigation features offline.

This is a real breakthrough. Great for travellers to save on data charges, and great for the developing markets (where Google will have revenue hopes in the coming years).

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3 Ways to Improve Website Conversions

Over 10 years in the web business has convinced me of one thing; people always think there is a 'magic bullet' that will bring them website success.

It's a bit like the 'magic move' in golf that will make you swing and hit the ball like an Open champion.

Of course, there is no single magic bullet or move. Like most things, a successful website or application requires a decent foundation and ongoing work.

In this article, three points are raised about how you can improve things on your website to get more 'conversions'.

Pay particular attention to number 3.

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Personalised email marketing

This month we've been testing out another email marketing service for one of our valued clients.

We wanted the ability to personalise the sender name of each email based on client criteria.

After much searching, the only service we could find that could do what we wanted was Sentori.

The results have been very interesting.

In essence, they prove what we already knew - the more personal the email, the more likely it will be opened and read.

More about Sentori …


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