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  August 2009

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PPE implement the Blot CMS
Microsoft & Yahoo finally get it on
Help for expired domain names

Just off the wire

Still flooded!

As we told you last month, our office in Mayfield was flooded and it's still going through the drying process.
There are several industrial dryers going 24/7 to dry out all the floor and walls, then we'll have new carpeting down and replacement furniture. We don't have a re-entry date yet but hopefully it will be in September sometime.


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PPE implement the Blot CMS

pentland precision engineeringPentland Precision Engineering is a talented Scottish engineering and machining company that specialises in the design and production of precision engineered components. Their in-house skills cover each step in the engineering process including design, machining, fabrication, assembly and finishing.

We have recently integrated the Blot Content Management System (CMS) with the PPE website, now giving them the ability to manage all their webpages and introducing a news section that allows them to tell the world about their projects and innovations.

Visit the site . . .


Microsoft & Yahoo finally get it on

Yahoo and MSNAfter what seems like the longest on-off courtship ever, Microsoft and Yahoo have finally announced they are going to work together in a deal they hope will challenge search behemoth Google.

The deal involves using Microsoft's Bing! search engine to power the Yahoo website and Yahoo in effect becoming a Microsoft advertising sales channel. In return, Yahoo get to keep almost 90% of revenues. The idea that the combined resources of the two lesser players can compete with the leader seems sound, but who knows? The Bing results are quite different to Google at the moment - the question is, are they better?

Read the story . . .

Help on hand for expired domain names?

It's your worst nightmare. You remember the renewal email for your website domain name arriving, but forgot to do anything about it. Now it has expired, you're website is down and worse still, someone has just bought YOUR domain name!

The reality is that, unless you have been completely complacent and ignored reminders over the grace period of 45 days, you will still be able to recover your domain name. However, people and companies do lose their domain names, often with dramatic consequences. Now ICANN (the body responsible for domain name systems) is reviewing the current system and looking for suggestions on how the system could work better.

Read the story at Out-Law. . .

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