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June 2009

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Twitter & Facebook hurt blogging

Paypal for business?

Wolfram what?



Twitter & Facebook hurt blogging
Our business view of blogging has always been that it is a great way of managing content and documents.

From a social networking point of view though, it has always been a way of providing interaction between authors and readers.

Many businesses took advantage of this to create 'long tails' of comment and feedback content that helped increase search engine ranking.

Recently though, it looks like people are posting less on blogs and more on Twitter and Facebook.

Why? Because it's easier!!

read the article ....
  Welcome to the June 2009 edition. A very busy month at Blot and elsewhere.
  • Paypal for business?
  • Having a reliable, secure payment processing solution is essential if you are professionally selling items online.

    The Blot e-commerce system has integrated with several of the popular services out there, but in the last year or so we've been asked to integrate with Paypal on quite a few occasions.

    Paypal integration used to be a little one-dimensional but now their application programming interfaces have developed significantly to provide capabilities similar to some of the big boys.

    So much so that they may be changing business perception of their value..

    Paypal prime-time ....
  • Wolfram what?
  • Wolfram Alpha is a new search engine, but with a difference. Instead of indexing millions of websites, it actually tries to compute the answer you're searching for.

    For example, if you search for 'Size of Sardinia', it will tell you that island's size is 9247 square miles.

    Anything that is specific and measurable will usually give up reasonable answers. It's less good on more subjective questions - 'best football team' will leave it a little confused.

    If you're an engineer or similar, you'll probably love it.

    give Wolfram a go.....
  • Bing!
  • Nothing to do with the old Crosby crooner (who incidentally I met once on the platform at Virginia Water train station, but that's another story!), Bing is Microsoft's new search engine.

    Determined to claw back some of Google's dominance and with the possibility of a deal with Yahoo fading, they've unveiled Bing (beta in UK).

    At first glance, it doesn't look much different from the old Microsoft search engine, but they say the difference is the way the results are found. Bing is based on a new 'decision engine' apparently, that works out more accurately what people are really looking for.

    Certainly, the results for a search on Bing are quite different to the same search on Google. Whether they are more what you wanted is hard to tell - looks like a hard sell to persuade people that they are.

    Try Bing...
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