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Keeping marketing simple

We are different from a lot of our competitors in that we have practical international marketing experience that gives us a commercial outlook to all our projects. We use this to provide ideas and tactics on how to best reach your customers and targets.

The term marketing covers such a wide array of activities, it sometimes gets misused and made complicated when it doesn't need to be. We like to keep things simple and understandable. For us, marketing is "any activity aimed at growth for your business".

Example activities

So what do we actually do? Well, of course a lot depends on your business, but there are some common tactics that usually work well.
  • Search engine optimisation. A site without search engine presence is not going to help most businesses. We work with SEO specialists to deliver on-page optimisations.
  • Email marketing. Regularly keeping your busines on your prospect's desktop with news and tips.
  • Content management system to change featured products/services. Regularly changing featured products and services on your site based on collected visitor statistics and market trends provides interest to visitors and search engines.
  • Articles and PR. Researching and publishing industry articles and press releases.
  • Copywriting. Words that 'sell' your business properly can make a huge difference in pushing that customer to pick up the phone or sending that email.

Online and offline marketing working together

It is important that any web based marketing activities (let's call them online marketing) are consistent with the other marketing activities (let's call them offline marketing). The reason for this is simple - online marketing is usually only part of your marketing activities. To be successful, you will probably also use other traditional activities (such as print advertising, direct mail, business directories etc). Everything should be co-ordinated and work together.

We discuss your existing marketing with you and advise on how your online tactics should be deployed. Let us help you market your web site online, please contact us today.

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