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  November 2017

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Facebook Ad Tricks That Work
Death of Net Neutrality?
Let's hear it for the Alt tag

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Facebook Ad Tricks That Work

Looking for advertising that actually works?

Social media ads have become a 'go to' channel for many marketers, and Facebook advertising is more popular that most.

Why? Because it is incredibly flexible in reaching your target audience. Facebook know a lot about their users and can use that information to deliver ads that they will 'likely' be interested in.

Of course, targeting the correct demographic is pointless if your advert sucks.

This article will give you 17 practical tips on how to get the best results from Facebook - targeting tips and advert tips.

Read the article and make sure you're spending your Facebook advertising budget wisely.

17 Facebook tips…


Death of Net Neutrality?

This month in the US, net neutrality came a little closer to expiration.

If you didn't already know what that is, it's a set of rules that require internet companies to provide the same level of internet service to customers equally.

That kind of regulation doesn't go down well in a highly competitive broadband market like the US, so those companies have been lobbying to get the rules reversed. This month, the FCC announced a plan to dismantle the rules.

This will mean that the broadband companies will be able to charge users more for certain content, or provide a reduced service to others. The argument against comes from companies who say the telecoms companies will become powerful gatekeepers to service and content.

In the UK, we're governed by EU Open Internet Access rules, but should we be worried?

Read the article to find out.

More on Net Neutrality …

Let's hear it for the Alt tag

The poor alt tag.

Misused and abused forever.

Most people think the alt tag is for SEO. Although it may well help in optimising your webpages, that's not really what is for at all.

This article is a comprehensive guide on how and when to use the alt tag written by someone who really depends on the tag.

Give it a read and the next time you're updating a webpage use it properly - no one is innocent!

Read the article …


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