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  October 2017

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Best place for sharing buttons?
Google's creepy camera
Not Secure? It's here

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Remember what we told you last month? No longer true.


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Best place for sharing buttons?

Where's the best place on a webpage to put sharing buttons?

It matters because if you get them placed in the best location, you'll get more traffic to your page.

When someone shares your page, every single one of their followers sees the share, and this could/should translate to more clicks through to your page.

So it's important.

This month I found an article about placement and although it is from 2016, everything still holds true. Social media sharing has probably become even more important.

So if you're not getting the social media sharing you think your site deserves, you might consider getting your sharing buttons moved elsewhere.

Read the article…


Google's creepy camera

The theory is reasonable, in theory.

Google Clips - an intelligent camera, that takes pictures when it, not you, decides.

Put it on the bookshelf or clip it to your shirt pocket and it will snap away. It's very smart.

What's more, the more you use it the smarter it gets. It starts to recognise the people you spend time with, and knows when it will be a good photo opportunity.

Of course, there are privacy concerns here, and Google have taken some steps to reduce those concerns - e.g. the photos are stored in the camera hardware, not the cloud.

But the creepy thought remains, a camera taking pictures, perhaps of you, whenever it wants.

Read the article …

Not secure? It's here.

Well, for the last couple of newsletters we've been warning you about Google Chrome's labeling of unencrypted pages as Not Secure if they have text input fields (e.g. contact pages, search boxes etc).

It's happened.

At the end of October, Chrome version 62 came out.

Now, any page with these text input fields will be labled as 'Not Secure' unless the pages have been set up to use encryption via HTTPS.

If your website is still using HTTP, potential customers will see the warning message when they start typing information into the text fields.

How to stop this? Read our August article.

Watch the video …


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