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  August 2017

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Is your webpage 'Not secure'?
UK domain price rise
Now Google Maps can find parking

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Is your webpage 'Not secure'?

This could directly affect your website.

Google's initiative for a secure Internet - 'HTTPS Everywhere' - has been rolling for a while now.

An email to webmasters this month though will have an impact on many websites.

In October, users of the Chrome browser will see a 'Not secure' message for any webpage that accepts text input and uses the HTTP protocol.

HTTP is the original protocol used on websites. It deliver pages and accepts data without using encryption.

Now, let's say you have an HTTP contact page on your website where visitors can fill in their details and send you a message, come October it will be flagged as 'Not secure'.

Not likely to give your visitors confidence.

Read our article to find out more about HTTPS and how your site can benefit from using it.

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UK domain price rise

If you've renewed a recent UK domain (eg co.uk, org.uk and me.uk), you'll have noticed that the price has risen.

Traditionally, the price of these domains has been significantly less than say .com domains.

Wholesale UK domain prices are set by Nominet, the official UK domain registry. They delegate retail arrangements to commercial registries like Fasthosts, Easyspace, 123reg etc

Last year Nominet raised prices by 50%. It was the first rise since since 1999 apparently. Of course these price rises are passed on by the registries to end customers.

UK domains are still pretty inexpensive, though, and still less than a .com!

Now Google Maps can find parking

Regular readers will know we're big time fans of Google Maps.

It is a fantastic app, with so many features that help driving, cycling, walking, and generally getting about.

Now they are introducing a new 'find parking' feature.

The feature can show a list of garages and parking locations close to your destination, together with a 'parking difficulty' rating.

If you select one of the listed locations, Maps will add the location to your trip, and give you walking directions from parking to your final destination.

Essential when trying to find your car afterwards, too.

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