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  June 2017

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A 27th Letter? LOL!
Not mobile? Google doesn't love you like before

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Google Glass comeback?

Could the dorky glasses be next year's thing (again)?


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Blot Case Studies

We've added a Case Studies section to the Blot website to highlight recent work.

A lot of the web development work we do is hidden, because it is used internally by our clients rather than in full view on the public internet.

So we thought we would highlight some of that work, as well as some of the sites that are publicly available.

We've included our Our Own Book Club web app, which is currently in beta testing and will be launched shortly. The app provides a private social network for each book club. Club members can chose and record books so they never forget a book they've read, share comments and reviews about the books, schedule meetings, choose books from suggestions etc, all within their private club.

Go to the Case Studies …


A 27th Letter? LOL!

Back in 1947, James Bond author Ian Fleming came up with the idea of a competition to find the 27th letter of the alphabet.

This year the competition was resurrected by Fleming's nephews.

2,500 entries were received, and the winner was announced this month at the London International Antiquarian Book Fair.

The prize went to graphic design student David Guthrie, whose idea was to take the 'LOL' - Laughing Out Loud acronym - and make it into a character (see image).

Good job David, we could be seeing this soon on T-shirts, foreheads etc.

Read the story …

Not mobile? Google doesn't love you like before

Goodness, we've been banging on about this for a long time.

Google marks your website down if it isn't 'mobile friendly'.

'Mobile friendly' means that your webpages adapt to the viewing device.

So, if your customer is viewing your mobile friendly home page on a smartphone or tablet, it will minimise horizontal scrolling and eliminate the need to increase text size, plus a bunch of other things that make it easier to view.

Don't care? Well, Google does. Apart from giving you a ratings boost if you are mobile friendly, they are in the process of building a 'mobile-first' index.

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