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Professional Skills Video Training System

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Case Study

Professional Skills Training

Really Great Training provides communication skills training to professionals.

In addition to giving one-to-one training, they needed a private system where clients can subscribe to a particular training subject and use on-line training videos to help learn skills

  • Intranet system
  • Server: Mysql, PHP
  • Front-end: CSS, Javascript, Ajax
  • Back-end management: Blot CMS


Video professional skill training


Our customer could see an additional revenue stream by providing video training to his clients.  The system needed to be private and contain training videos grouped into different programs. He needed to be able to set up subscriber accounts, maintain their details, subscriptions and access rights.  

Once logged in, each subscriber would be able to follow a sequence of instructional videos for the programs their subscription covered.

In addition to being able to manage the subscribers, facilities to upload the different types of videos were required.  As we needed to control access to the videos, they needed to be hosted on a private server, rather than using a public one like YouTube or Vimeo.

What we did

We added facilities to our CMS back-end to allow creation of video programs for each branch of study, and a customised video upload system for upload of MP4, WEBM and OGG video containers (needed to cover the different formats supported by popular browsers).  

Because the videos files were very large, we developed a system that sent the video to the server in 'bite-sized' chunks, then spliced them together once completed.

For our customer's clients, we enhanced our intranet system to allow them to see the training programs they had subscribed to, and to follow any of the streams, video by video, at their leisure.

Offering video to my training clients was a new departure for me. Iain talked me through what he needed to do and kept me posted throughout. It was a relief to have him sorting it out for me.Nick Davies, Owner
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