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  July 2017

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Our Own Book Club

This month we've released our new web app - Our Own Book Club.

If you're in a book club, you read so many books it's difficult to remember the details - who wrote it, when you read it, what it was about, what you thought of it.

The app solves that problem by recording the details of all of your books, so you never forget them. You can quickly search and view your books in your club's book database.

It's a private social network for their club - members can have conversations about their books, rate them and review them, plan their meetings and activities.

There's even the oobSeer™, an auto-pick facility that will select the next book for your club to read!

Register your club today - it's free.

Go to Our Own Book Club…


Google time filter - a hidden gem

Do you use the Google Search filters?

You probably have without knowing what they were.

They're the options available under the Google search box and include All, Images, Shopping, News, Videos etc.

This month, though, I found one I didn't know about at all, and it can be very useful.

You can filter your Google results by time - ie how recent the returned pages are.

Very handy if you're wading through out of date results from years ago.

Read the story …

Chips with everything

A company in Wisconsin has become the first US company to 'microchip' its employees.

Three Square Market is offering to implant a rice grain sized chip into the hands of their employees. The chip will work like an ID card and allow them to open doors, log in to computers, and make purchases in the break room.

The chips use NFC communications - the same technology used by contactless credit cards - and originate from Sweden.

Apparently, take up by staff has been good, with 50 of the 85 staff getting 'chipped up'.

Not sure how well it would go down with UK employees, though.

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