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  March 2017

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Dealing with GDPR
Google mobile-first
Farewell DMOZ

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Dealing with GDPR

New data protection regulations are coming.

In this day and age, security of personal information is a serious subject, but do we really need more regulations?

The EU think we do. That's why in 2018 the EU's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) come into force.

The GDPR introduces a load of new initiatives that businesses will need to comply with.

Included amongst these are several to do with the activity you're participating in right now - email marketing.

Maybe Brexit will save us?

Maybe we're doing everything correctly right now?

Read our article to get the lowdown on what's going down and what you will need to do.

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Google mobile-first - 5 tips to get you out of the hole

There is danger ahead if you haven't made your website responsive to mobile devices.

The skyrocketing use of mobile devices has meant that they are about to introduce a 'mobile-first' based index.

This means Google will prioritise the 'mobile view' of your website when analysing content.

If your website is 'responsive' - adapts to the size of the screen that is viewing it - you probably won't notice anything. But if it isn't, your ranking may well suffer.

It's not clear exactly when Google's new index will rollout, but here are 5 tips on what you should be doing.

Read the tips …

Farewell DMOZ

DMOZ was the Open Directory Project - a project whose aim was to catalog the web using human editors.

It was pretty difficult to get on DMOZ. You had to choose your category (a job in itself), provide a description, then wait until a DMOZ editor reviewed it.

If you got the OK, your website was added to the index. But often, after waiting months and months, your submission would be rejected. If you'd included a minor error, spelling mistake, sales copy, or if your site was 'too new', the editor would give it the thumbs down.

Getting on DMOZ gave you an instant boost on the search engines, because it was an indication of credibility.

Google would even sometimes use the DMOZ description in its results if it couldn't find something it liked on the web page.

I suppose it could never last, given the explosion in the number of websites and the bottleneck of human editors.

DMOZ closed on 17 March 2017.

Read more …


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