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  January 2017

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Google outlaws pop-ups
Uber keeps on trucking
7 tips on using video

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Google outlaws pop-ups

This month Google implemented their update that down-ranks sites with 'intrusive interstitials' in mobile search results.

If they could have chosen a worse word than interstitials, goodness knows what it would be.

But what they are talking about is pop-up information that appears on top of the web page.

The really important word though, is 'intrusive'. Google don't want you obscuring the webpage with advertising and subscription invitations or the like.

For example, the picture of the webpage on the right is ok even though it has advertising, but if the free tools promotion covered the whole page, it would be penalised.

In short, they don't want the 'user experience' spoiled.

Fair enough, I reckon.

More about the penalty …


Uber keeps on trucking

The Uber story continues to disrupt all it surveys.

Not satisfied with taking on the traditional taxi driving industry, they are taking aim at the the biggest industry in the US - long haul trucking.

Along with their purchase of self-driving trucking company Otto, they've just announced Uber Freight.

This isn't going to result in semi-trailers driving themselves down motorways and highways,, at least not immediately.

No, their first target is shipping brokerage. Brokers take a 15-20% commission when they arrange a shipping transfer with a trucking company. Uber Freight will allow shippers to arrange trucking without a middleman, and pocket the commission.

Good for Uber perhaps, lousy if you work for a logistics company.

Find out more …

7 tips on using video

Want to use video on the web and/or mobile?

It's a great way to evoke emotion and allow people to “feel” a product or service.

But at the same time it can take up a lot of megabytes and screen estate. Also, video can need some programming consideration, depending on how it is implemented.

This article gives 7 non-technical tips about how best to use video in your projects.

Follow them and you really will get the benefits of a picture being worth a thousand words.

Read more …


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