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  August 2016

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16 Essential Photo Editor Apps
Landing pages and emails that convert
UK Uber drivers go to tribunal

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Google needs more reviews for Seller Ratings

Wow, up to 150 from 30!


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16 Essential Photo Editor Apps

The trickiest task for many website owners is editing photographs and images.

Why? Because photos from cameras or stock photography sites are often way too big in dimensions or bytes to sit comfortably on a web page. So they need to be edited to fit. And you need an editing app to do the edits.

There aren't many things you need to be able to do, and we've written about this in the past. So if you can find an app that you're happy with, you're nine-tenths there.

So here's 16 apps you could use - must be one there you like

More on photo editor apps …


Landing pages and emails that convert

Do you use landing pages on your website to sell products or services?

Or perhaps you use email for the same purpose?

If you do, you must read this guide.

The whole point of a landing page or email is to get your reader to take an action.

This article gives you a guide on how to design your pages in the best way to get them to convert from being a passive reader to an active participant.

Headlines, copy, calls to action and measurement are all addressed along with some tools you can use to create landing pages.

Find out more …

UK Uber drivers go to tribunal

Two Uber drivers in the UK have taken the company to an employment tribunal over employment rights.

Uber's business model is based on hiring drivers as self-employed workers thereby reducing the company's costs.

The two drivers argue Uber are acting unlawfully by not giving them holiday and sick pay.

The Uber service is highly successful, now operating in 450 cities, but it hasn't been an easy ride as a succession of legal challenges have questioned the way it does business.

Read more …


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