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  July 2016

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Your fridge is calling you!
Streaming apps - end for the mobile app?
Drayton's 7 deadly website sins

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The sound of the typewriter

Some clackety-clack nostalgia from Jane Grant at Napier Uni.


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Your fridge is calling you!

Never run out of milk again. When the carton is finished, you're fridge will simply send you a message to remind you to get some on the way home. Same for other domestic staples like eggs, cheese, and Sauvignon Blanc.

This isn't just a sci-fi pipedream, though. South Korea have just launched a low-cost Internet of Things (IoT) network, and other countries are introducing similar networks.

The idea is to make everyday appliances 'smart' and connected. Perhaps you're already using an IoT application to control your home heating system through the Internet.

It's debatable how useful most of the current applications are, but there is serious investment going into IoT infrastructure. You can bet developers around the world will be coming up with ideas for a killer application.

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Streaming apps - end for the mobile app?

There is no doubt that mobile apps have been a massive influence on the popularity of online mobile use. Most people have a set of favourite apps they use all the time.

But controversially, many industry commentators are suggesting that native mobile apps will be a thing of the past in a few years.

What could replace mobile apps? Well, other apps.

But web apps that are downloaded to your device whenever they are needed.

Google have already announced 'streaming apps' that will stream the app to Android phones on demand.

Of course, Google have their own agenda when in comes to mobile apps because of the difficulties they have with search content on them.

But in the future, it looks like the line between browsers, apps and operating systems will continue to blur.

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Drayton's 7 deadly website sins

Last month, we introduced you to some tips on using images from marketing expert Drayton Bird..

Couldn't resist sharing another Drayton nugget with you - this time on some of the key mistakes website owners make. And the possible result of those mistakes? Lost sales and prospects.

Have a read through the 7 sins, then ask yourself if you're committing any.

Chances are that you could change one or two things. A tweak here and there can make all the difference.

And remember to go to Drayton's site and subscribe to his marketing tips.

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