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  February 2016

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Mobile website access
Chat Bots
Are Uber and Airbnb killing it for everyone else?

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New Xiaomi device

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Mobile access - here are Your stats!

This year we've done our own analysis of the traffic hitting our clients' websites

Are visitors able to access your website using their smartphone?

For a few years now, every report has been indicating the growth of mobile usage, but does it matter much to you?

If all your visitors are using a PC or laptop, what difference does it make?

But if much of your traffic is coming via smartphone, are you looking after those visitors?

The results might surprise you.

See more here…


Next big thing - Chat Bots

It's reckoned that people only use a few select apps on their smartphone. And the number of apps that actually make any money is tiny.

So developers have been looking for other ways to make money from mobile software, and the word is that is going to be with Chat Bots..

What's a Chat Bot? It's software that will respond to questions you give it as if you were having a human conversation. There's already thousands of them and the commercially minded are figuring out how they could be used to connect people to products, dating etc.

Not loving it? Me either, but who knows?

Find out more …

Are Uber and Airbnb killing it for everyone else?

It's the new economy. The Sharing Economy.

Find something popular and work out how to use someone else's assets to make your company money.

It minimises your infrastructure, labour and admin costs to offer services at a great price, while still making heaps of dough.

It has worked well for startups like Uber and Airbnb, but are there dark clouds on the horizon?

Lawsuits, complaints and traditional business pushing back - will it spoil the new economy before it's got going?

Read more …


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